Our Mission

To provide high quality Cybersecurity Services, including infrastructure protection, cyber defence solutions, and risk management


Our market

Defence: Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems e.g. national defence organisations, NATO, European Defence Agency

Space Systems: Satellites, ground systems, human spaceflight e.g. ESA, Telecommunications Satellite Operators

Cyber Defence: Operational systems e.g. government agencies, utility companies, large enterprise

Border Control: Monitoring and response systems e.g. various national border security and customs control agencies


Our services

Information infrastructure protection: Information infrastructure protection involves delivery of technology solutions that minimise the opportunity for compromise of information confidentiality, integrity and availability.  Solutions are based on detailed understanding of information assets and their value to business processes, mission capability or operational success.  Design and delivery of information infrastructure protection solutions follow sound security engineering principles, mitigate risk and support compliance to security standards.

Cyber defence: Cyber defence solutions support continuous security monitoring of the information infrastructure as a complimentary capability to information infrastructure protection.  RHEA Group conducts research and development activities for delivery of cyber defence solutions that optimise security operations response management.  Cyber defence involves ensuring real-time security situation awareness starting with detailed understanding of the information infrastructure and proceeding through vulnerability analysis, attack modeling, mission impact assessment, decision support and activation of mitigation response.  RHEA Group offers design solutions that maximise the potential for automation, while ensuring operations personnel retain the right level of operator control.

Information security consultancy and engineering support: Consultancy services provide expert security engineering support to organisational governance, risk and compliance activities.  Services include security risk management; business impact assessment; security requirements analysis, architecture and design; product or solution evaluation; and selection, vulnerability analysis and penetration testing.


Our approach

Quality: RHEA Group develops security programmes, complying with ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS). Our quality services include information technology security analysis and advice, and project management services.

Systematic: RHEA Group improves the information security posture of clients, delivering services that follow established methodologies and systems security engineering principles. These include security requirements analysis, risk assessment, secure architecture development and design, security test and validation support, installation and configuration, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, and security operations support. 

Versatile: Through extensive experience, RHEA Group has an appreciation for a wide spectrum of technical and managerial issues, allowing us to leverage our expertise in information risk management and the security of information. RHEA Group offers the most comprehensive set of security services available to the defence, security and space sectors.

Efficient and Cost-effective: Our commitment to meeting client needs on time and within budget is a tribute to our experienced team of high calibre technical specialists.


Our projects

Federated Identity Management (FIM) at ESA/ESRIN: Providing technical expertise to ESA Payload Data Ground Segment (PDGS) in development of a federated identity management infrastructure to enable ESA to join interconnected research communities.  The FIM infrastructure can support the development of a Space Federation to inter-federate with other international research communities.
Read more about the ESA FIM project

PANOPTESEC: The EU-funded project PANOPTESEC will address the challenge of modern networks and systems to detect vulnerabilities and possible attacks on sensitive information and essential services by developing a system that will empower individuals, companies and organisations in handling security incidents. The near market-ready system will be first used by ACEA, one of the largest Italian public utility companies for power and water supply.
Read more at www.panoptesec.eu

Security Policy Development: RHEA Group supports the ESA Cloud Computing Study by delivering a Cloud Computing Security Policy as part of a larger study of governance, requirements and specification development.

Information Security Consulting and Engineering Support at ESA/ESRIN: Consulting activities include security programme development, ISO27001 support, certification and accreditation support, security policy, and standards and procedures development. Engineering services include security requirements analysis and network and system security architecture and design. Our engineers support in defining security requirements, ensuring conformity to ESA standards at all European sites.




‘Cyber Impact Assessment for Space Mission Assurance’, ESAW 2013
‘Automated Computer Network Defence’, ESAW 2011


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