MOIS is RHEA Group’s software that supports procedure preparation, validation and execution.

  • MOIS has supported more than 100 spacecraft, covering all types of missions
  • It interfaces with many control systems, third party procedures and databases
  • It supports a wide range of languages, including variants of PLUTO, tcl/TOPE, UCL, Elisa, STOL and Python
  • Continuous software upgrades provide enhanced database management
  • MOIS is used as a standard by the European Space and by the German, Italian and French national space agencies and other major industrial partners, including Airbus Defence and Space, Thales Alenia Space, OHB and Orbital Sciences.


What problems does MOIS solve?

MOIS allows satellite manufactures and satellite operators to work on the same operations knowledge to better build, validate and fly a satellite mission.


Examples of past, present and future missions using MOIS

Envisat, Meteosat Second Generation (MSG), Metop-A and – B, CryoSat-1 and -2, ADM-Aelus, COSMO-SkyMed, TerraSAR-X, Hershel, Planck, ATV series, Cluster-II, Venus Express, Mars Express, GOCE, XMM-Newton, GAIA, Swarm,  Rosetta, Copernicus and Galileo.


MOIS daily support

Our users are more than 400 spacecraft engineers and managers. They are supported directly by the RHEA Group operational support team that provides on-site service and off-site helpdesk support throughout the year.

Our MOIS team offers end-user training, operational and technical support, maintenance, online help and on-call support.


MOIS key role in operations

During spacecraft operations, MOIS makes your life easier to:

  • ingest and edit manufacturers’ procedures and data
  • support Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) and fleet or routine operations
  • maintain configuration control over all procedures, documents, databases and schedules



MOIS brochure
MOIS presentation
MOIS white paper
MOIS 6 training manual
MOIS automation poster, ESAW 2013
‘Automation through On-Board Control Procedures’, SpaceOps 2010


MOIS tools

MOIS writer Writer – Enables the creation and development of procedures or timelines
MOIS flowcharter Flowcharter – Enables the creation, editing and display of procedure structures through a graphical flow chart
MOIS DB DB – Controls the creation, import or editing of the operational spacecraft database
MOIS Fuction Editor Function Editor – Provides a user-friendly interface to create and maintain functions and directives for use in procedure writing
MOIS Supervisor Supervisor – Manages the MOIS runtime environment for procedure execution
MOIS Validator Validator – Controls validation testing of a procedure and stores the results
MOIS Test harness Test Harness – Emulates a control system/simulator to test a procedure
MOIS Scheduler Scheduler – Enables mission planning for satellite operations and station scheduling
MOIS Big Board Big board – Displays live events from a timeline for use with pre- and post-launch phases
MOIS Publisher Publisher – Produces the flight operations manual
MOIS Reporter Reporter – Logs the definition, analysis and solution of problems as they arise as well as performs consistency checking and analysis of sets of procedures
MOIS Library Library – Library overview, configuration control, administration


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