Launching CDP4™ Community Edition

CDP4™ now comes as open source in its Community Edition and an advanced Enterprise Edition for the most demanding projects. Get access to a complete data set at any given moment and keep track of all the changes made on the model by the different team members.


Since 1997 optimizing the processes involved in spacecraft test and operations.

From manufacturing to controlling and monitoring the spacecraft, MOIS has streamlined the validation and operations of more than 100 spacecraft.

MOIS: Spacecraft procedure development and automation made easy.

Smart lighting for smart cities

With city lighting accounting for 1.5% of the world's electricity consumption, ambitious energy targets are driving smart cities to implement cost-saving technologies for their street lighting systems. 


Space missions that we have worked providing engineering services.
Engineers and scientists working in our company.
Years of experience engineering the world with you.

Now Hiring: Business Developer

Become part of the Drought and Flood Mitigation Service (DFMS), a UK Space Agency funded project providing high quality, timely, geo-spatial information application services to alleviate the effects of adverse weather.