Posted 31 January 2022 in Blog, Data, Earth Observation, Security, Space.

A New Era for European Space: Turning Vision into Action

The 14th European Space Conference, organized by Business Bridge Europe and sponsored by RHEA Group, took place in Brussels on 25-26 January 2022.

At the conference, leaders from space agencies, governments, industry and other organizations gathered to hear keynote speeches and discuss a broad range of issues, including:

  • The next generation of European initiatives and accelerators, and how to make Europe a New Space hub
  • Building a European secure connectivity constellation
  • Harnessing space data and technology to meet Europe’s climate ambitions, including building on the success of Copernicus and Destination Earth
  • Europe’s launcher ecosystem
  • Space: a key domain for European security and defence
  • How cybersecurity can ensure the safety of Europe’s space assets
  • Keeping Europe’s space domain operational through space situational awareness and space traffic management

See the speakers in action below, plus more photos from the event:

Read more about the 14th European Space Conference and then find out more on the conference website.