Posted 13 December 2019 in News, Security, Space.
The European Space Agency announces its new Cybersecurity Operational Centre in Redu, with a strong contribution from RHEA Group.

The European Space Agency is creating a new Cybersecurity Operational Centre in Redu, province of Luxembourg, Belgium. This €37 million investment aims at protecting critical infrastructures for the space industry including meteorological and navigation data collected from the Galileo program.

The arrival of the new cybersecurity centre will expand RHEA Group’s operations, and will supplement its cybersecurity training capabilities already in place in Redu. In total, RHEA Group will invest €10 million in the next three years, with growing results expected as soon as the first quarter of 2020. In the next 24 months, the company will be looking at expanding its on-site team presence to 50 cybersecurity and space resources.

Watch Canal Z’s report on the new ESA Cybersecurity Operation Center and RHEA’s contribution.

The Redu space activities are slowly making a difference in Europe. Last November, André Sincennes, Managing Director of RHEA Group, welcomed Pascal Heyman, Permanent Representative of Belgium to NATO at our cybersecurity training facilities in Redu, for an exclusive showcase of our Cyber-Range capabilities. Take a look at the visit’s photo gallery below:

Pascal Heyman and RHEA Group representatives
Pascal Heyman and RHEA Group
pascal heyman