Posted 26 May 2020 in Engineering, News, Science, Space.
Based at ESA’s European Astronomy Centre (ESAC) In Madrid, a team of space engineers generated a 360-degree virtual reality (VR) video for the BepiColombo near Earth flyby which took place on 10 April 2020.

The 360-degree virtual reality flyby simulates a manoeuvre performed by ESA’s Mercury-bound BepiColombo spacecraft, taking you on a trip past Earth at the distance of only 12,700 km! It displays the field of view of two of BepiColombo’s science instruments (MERTIS and PHEBUS) and two of its three MCAM selfie cameras.

RHEA Group’s team behind the creation of the VR simulation is Marc Costas Sitjà, SPICE Service Lead and Science Operations and Data Support Engineer, and Alfredo Escalante López, SPICE Service Engineer. Marc Costa Sitjà explained, “We aim to provide clients with new ways of displaying and validating scientific measurements while offering a new immersive way for the general public to experience the excitement of a space mission.”

The ESA SPICE Service provides ancillary data to ESA’s solar system explorers for scientists and engineers and is based at ESAC in Madrid.


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