About RHEA Group

RHEA Group is the premier supplier of system engineering solutions, security and crisis management consultancy, and software development. We have 25 years of experience in the security and the space system engineering service market. Key clients include the European Space Agency, Belspo, the European Commission, the Federal Government of Canada, the City of Montreal, EUMETSAT, CERN, NATO, the European GNSS Agency, and the European Southern Observatory.

25 Years Engineering the World With You
RHEA Group operates in 10 countries.
RHEA Group has over 25 years of experience in the security and space system engineering service market.
RHEA Group has employees representing 20 different nationalities working within the company.
“A key strength of RHEA Group is the ability to hire and motivate employees combining both distinctive personal values and professional credentials.”
Gilles Grenier
RHEA Group's Strategic Advisor and Managing Director of Phare Innov

Our Values Are at the Core of What We Do

Our core values are driven by our commitment to our clients and professionals, our uncompromising effort to maintain integrity and the highest quality in our work, and our ability to foster collaboration among our diverse and global team.


We are committed to our clients, engineers, scientists, and professionals. Our commitment derives from our drive to build strong and long-term relationships with our clients in order to deliver smart bespoke products and services based on our strong scientific and technical foundations.


We ensure the highest protection to our clients by representing our company honestly and by following strict confidentiality and security standards. Integrity is one of our main motivations.


We guarantee the highest regard to quality in our work. Our scientists and engineers are experienced professionals with demonstrated technical excellence who are able to tackle our industry’s challenges head on.

Team Spirit

Our diverse and global team, representing more than 20 nationalities, works across 10 countries through a spirit of collaboration and respect.

Our values
“Our staff is closely engaged with the real needs of our customers and consistently produces outstanding results, which becomes a significant factor in RHEA Group's success.”
Peter Dubock
RHEA Group’s Strategic Advisor and former European Space Agency’s Inspector General

Certified ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System

Certified since 2014, RHEA Group continues improving its processes, placing client satisfaction at the forefront of the business and maintaining proper leadership to ensure that necessary resources are available and that decisions take the process in a positive direction. RHEA Group is starting a new 3-year cycle with the certified Quality Management System ISO9001: 2015, upgraded to the new version of the standard with its scope extended to all the business units of the Group.

“The trust given to RHEA Group employees by upper management is truly prompted by their dedication and team spirit.”
Manfred Warhaut
RHEA Group’s Strategic Advisor and former ESA’s Rosetta Ground Segment Manager

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