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The first PANACEA webinar, presented on April 18, 2019, explored the research and innovation challenges of the PANACEA H2020 project.

The objective of this webinar was to highlight the planned work of PANACEA for the period of 2019-2021. Matteo Merialdo, Technical Project Manager of the project and Project Manager at RHEA Group presented a segment on “Innovative Cyber Security Solutions in Healthcare”. He detailed which innovation topics will be analyzed by the PANACEA Toolkit to ease cybersecurity preparedness and assessment. The PANACEA cybersecurity toolkit will include nine main research goals:

  1. Models for healthcare data secure information sharing
  2. Blockchain for secure information sharing
  3. Secure behaviours decisions models and influencers
  4. Multidimensional threat modelling
  5. Attack modelling
  6. Response management
  7. Visual analytics
  8. Biometric recognition/digital identity
  9. IoMT identification

RHEA Group, the technical lead of the PANACEA project, will propose new technical cybersecurity software to support the implementation of the nine new research goals. Building from the past, the software will expand from already existing material to ultimately attaining a Technical Readiness Level (TRL) of 6.

The PANACEA Solution Toolkit comprises four technological tools and three organizational tools


The H2020 PANACEA project will deliver people-centric cybersecurity solutions by developing models and solutions resources to cope with the cybersecurity threats in the healthcare sector.

PANACEA was implemented by a consortium of fifteen partners from seven European Countries, coordinated by the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy. RHEA Group is the technical lead for the development and delivery of two toolkits for cyber security assessment and preparedness of Healthcare ICT infrastructures and connected medical devices: the Solution Toolkit and the Delivery Toolkit. The company will focus on preparing three of the technological tools of the Solution Toolkit.


The Solution Toolkit

The Solution Toolkit comprises four technological tools and three organizational tools.

  • Technological tools:

    • Dynamic risk assessment and mitigation
    • Secure information sharing
    • Security-by-design and certification
    • Identification and authentication
  • Organizational tools:

    • Training and education,
    • Resilience governance,
    • Secure behaviours nudging


The Delivery Toolkit

The Delivery Toolkit will specifically support the adoption of the Solution Toolkit by healthcare organizations. It comprises two tools: methodology to evaluate the Return of Investment of cybersecurity interventions, as well as guidelines to adopt the solution toolkit and to implement other pre-mitigation actions.

To learn more about the H2020 PANACEA project, visit the PANACEA website.


Missed the first PANACEA webinar? Watch the recording by clicking on the link below.

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