Posted 9 March 2021 in Aviation, Blog, Engineering.

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Every winter season, APS Aviation Inc. (APS), a RHEA Group company, plans several research and development activities to improve flight safety in winter conditions. The first project of the 2020-21 year was recently held in Ontario.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020, APS implemented several measures to ensure the safety of its employees. Working conditions and travel plans were modified with the goal of completing research activities while evading potential risks caused by the pandemic.

Personal Protective Equipment – including protective masks, protective eyewear, gloves – was issued to all employees assigned to this project, while hand sanitizer stations were implemented throughout the test facility. Additionally, APS personnel had to adhere to safety guidelines by wearing masks and practising social distancing in a reconfigured office setup. An attendance log was also completed daily to mitigate COVID-19 risks and provide reliable traceability.

APS successfully completed the aerodynamic research project to improve flight safety while respecting all safety measures, and will continue to follow strict COVID-19 protocols to ensure a safe working environment.