World Leader in Aircraft Ground Icing Research and Holdover Time Development

APS Aviation Inc.: A RHEA Group company

World’s leading experts in aircraft ground icing research and the development of aircraft de/anti-icing fluid holdover times.
Holdover Time Calculator
iOS app to safely and quickly determine holdover times, and used by over 45,000 pilots worldwide.
Key Stakeholders
Working in co-operation with Transport Canada, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), deicing fluid manufacturers, and several major airlines

The Most Trusted Aircraft Ground Icing Research

APS Aviation has been at the forefront of aircraft ground icing research and the development of associated regulations and standards for over 25 years.

We conduct research to improve safety, advance technology, assist in the development of new products, and develop related operational guidance materials. We work with key stakeholders such as Transport Canada, FAA, airlines, de/anti-icing fluid manufacturers, airport authorities, and fixed‑base operators worldwide.

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countries around the globe are implementing APS solutions.
clients trust APS including government and private industry
Holdover TImes
pilots around the world are currently using the APS Holdover Times app

Accessing and calculating holdover times is now easier with the APS Holdover Times app.

The APS Holdover Times app provides the most recent aircraft ground de/anti-icing fluid holdover times and related guidance published by Transport Canada and the FAA.

The iOS app for iPad and iPhone enables easy electronic access to holdover time documents through its PDF viewer and a whole new way to determine holdover times through a holdover time (HOT) calculator.

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Research in Action

Discovery Channel visited us on location at the National Research Council of Canada’s propulsion and icing wind tunnel. Watch the video to find out how our experts carry out specialized research with aircraft anti-icing fluids in simulated takeoff conditions.