The Most Trusted Aircraft Ground Icing Research

Since early 90's creating safety solutions for extreme weather conditions

The vast experience and expertise of APS in this field is demonstrated in the many technical reports that APS has prepared for Transport Canada and the FAA over the last two decades. Our Aircraft Ground Icing Research services include:

  • Advanced research in the de-icing and anti-icing area
  • Fluid testing and evaluation
  • Development of holdover time guideline tables
  • Independent verification and validation of new technology
  • Technical evaluation of deicing facilities
  • Technical evaluation of new deicing technologies
  • Deicing operation audits
Transport Canada

Accessing and calculating holdover times is now easier with the APS Holdover Times app.

The app provides the most recent aircraft ground de/anti-icing fluid holdover times and related guidance published by Transport Canada, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Association of European Airlines (AEA).

The iOS app for iPad and iPhone enables easy electronic access to holdover time documents through the PDF viewer and a new way to determine holdover times through a holdover time (HOT) calculator.

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