Aircraft Ground Icing Research

Delivering Safety Solutions for Winter Weather Since 1992

APS is a key leader in aircraft ground icing research. Our experts conduct and manage research at various sites in North America, in co-operation with key stakeholders such as Transport Canada, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), several major airlines, de/anti-icing fluid manufacturers, airport authorities, and fixed-base operators worldwide. Our aircraft ground icing services include:

  • Advanced research in de-icing and anti-icing fluids
  • Developmental fluid testing and evaluation
  • Development of complete holdover time guidelines for Type I, II, III, and IV fluids
  • Independent verification and validation of new technologies
  • Technical evaluation of deicing facilities
  • Technical evaluation of new deicing technologies
  • Deicing operation audits
winter deicing testing

We conduct research and support development in all areas of aircraft ground icing

  • Holdover times for new aircraft types (composite materials)
  • Standard for evaluating ice phobic aircraft coatings
  • Holdover times for extreme cold snow conditions
  • Ice detection technology and supporting regulatory documents
  • Operational guidance that allows aircraft to operate in ice pellet and small hail conditions
  • Operational guidance for ice crystal conditions
  • Holdover times for non-glycol and non-glycol/glycol hybrid de/anti-icing fluids (environmental benefits)
  • Model to understand de/anti-icing fluid dispersion at airports

Our Technical Reports

Client: Transport Canada.

Our vast experience and expertise in aircraft ground icing research is demonstrated by the many technical reports that we have prepared for Transport Canada over the last two decades. Many of these reports have been published and are publically available. Others are available upon request.

Our Technical Reports