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An estimated 2 to 4 million unfilled cybersecurity positions globally

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Product/project management, software development, marketing, sales, consultancy

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Opportunities for IT professionals, career changers and graduates

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What roles are there in cybersecurity?

There are many different roles in the cybersecurity field, including:

  • Product development – Cybersecurity projects always require advanced software solutions, whether offered as a core solution or developed specifically for one client. Software developers are always needed.
  • Product management – Every cybersecurity solution has a team of junior and senior people collecting feedback from the clients/market, defining roadmaps, releasing new versions etc. Apply if you have management experience or if you believe your creativity fits our storytelling needs for cyber products.
  • Project management – Each cybersecurity project needs people to manage time and execution. A perfect role for organized, time-aware people; having project management qualifications is a bonus but not essential.

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More roles in cybersecurity

You do not have to be an IT or product/project management expert – cybersecurity needs people for these roles too:

  • Product marketing – Digital/marketing content developers ensure cybersecurity solutions are visible.
  • Pre-sales – Do you have a talent for public speaking or story telling? This could be the ideal role for you.
  • Consultancy – Anyone with a legal background would be particularly attractive for this position.
  • Social media consultant – Cybersecurity needs to be visible, so your passion for social media positions you well for this role.

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Career development and stability

Whatever stage of your career you are at, there are roles in cybersecurity that will match what you are looking for.

At RHEA, for ‘pure’ cybersecurity positions, we aim to give you the opportunity to rotate through different teams, providing broad experience and exposure to different types of client environments.

For more experienced staff, we provide stability and a good work-life balance with positions in long-term projects.

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What skills and experience do you need?

There is no single career path that makes someone ideal for a role in cybersecurity, because there are so many types of jobs. Instead, certain skills and personal qualities may make you stand out, depending on the role, including:

  • Inquisitiveness, a desire to learn
  • A ‘gaming mindset’ – competitiveness, with the ability to defend and a desire to win
  • Technical skills and knowledge of multiple disciplines
  • Ability to follow procedures while thinking outside the box
  • Creative thinking, problem-solving capabilities
  • Presentation and negotiation skills
  • Being a team player and, for some roles, demonstrable leadership experience.

You do not need a technical or engineering degree for all roles. Other degrees that could make you ideal for a cybersecurity job include psychology, languages and political sciences.

Certifications and training

For some cybersecurity roles, it could be an advantage or may be a requirement to have one or more technical certifications, such as:

  • CISSP, CISA, CRISC, SANS, Security+, data privacy and/or specific security standards.

These not only validate your knowledge but also give employers confidence that you can meet security challenges.

To work with some organizations, including some RHEA clients, you will need security clearance because you will be working with restricted information. Having security clearance when you apply can be an advantage, but it is not a mandatory requirement for the right candidates.

At RHEA, we provide the training you need to do your job, whatever skills and experience you start with.

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