Aerosol Product Development Engineer

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Thursday, November 21, 2019
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You will have the opportunity to support the Remote Sensing and Products (RSP) Division of the Technical and Scientific Support (TSS) Department at our client’s premises in Darmstadt, Germany. You will support he development of aerosol optical and microphysical products from instruments on the EUMETSAT Polar System series of satellites, with a particular focus on multi-sensor products. However, evaluation and refinement of aerosol algorithms for the current Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) Spinning Enhanced Visible Infra-Red Imager (SEVIRI) instrument is also in scope and further development and extension of algorithms for application to future satellite missions will be considered. Associated with this activity are the development of prototype software and the validation of the subsequent products, and also generation of supporting documentation such as test data descriptions, algorithm specifications and validation reports.

Tasks and Activities
  • Development of algorithms for aerosol products from instruments on the Metop series of satellites with a particular focus on multi-instrument aerosol products, drawing on the science of current established products from hyperspectral infrared and UV/Visible sounders and multi-channel imagers (PMAp);
  • Evaluation and refinement of aerosol algorithms for the current MSG SEVIRI instrument;
  • Taking into account the constraints imposed by the final goal of implementation of the products within an operational processing system;
  • Development of prototype software code for the purposes of testing and validating the algorithms developed;
  • Generation of test data required for the verification of the algorithm and products;
  • Validation of the products produced by the prototype software code using independent data;
  • Generation of associated documentation including test data descriptions, Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBD), Product User Guides, Calibration and Validation Plan, Validation reports etc;
  • Provision of support for implementation and validation of the products within the operational processing environment;
  • Interfacing with experts as needed;
  • Collaboration with expert groups and the wider scientific community outside EUMETSAT as appropriate;
  • Provision of support for algorithm development and potentially prototype software development for future polar orbiting missions including next generation hyperspectral infrared and UV/Visible sounders and multi-channel imaging instruments with improved potential for deriving aerosol products.


Skills and Experience

The following skills and experience are mandatory:

  • You have an university degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline
  • You have at least 5 years experience in the field of remote sensing product development including at least 2 years of aerosol product development
  • You have experience in aerosol optical and micro-physical properties retrieval from satellite data;
  • You have experience in inverse modelling of atmospheric composition using infrared and UV-VIS (vector) radiative transfer models;
  • You have experience in calibration and validation of satellite data products;
  • You have experience in the EPS missions and instruments;
  • You have experience in writing concise and comprehensive scientific and technical reports in English;
  • You have demonstrated skills in a higher programming language, preferably in C++;
  • You have experience in specification, design and coding of complex product processors;
  • You have experience in testing and verification of complex data processing systems.

The following skills would be highly desirable:

  • You are familiar with the retrieval of aerosol optical and microphysical properties from hyperspectral infrared satellite data
  • You are familiar with aerosol retrieval algorithm from geostationary satellites (e.g. from SEVIRI);
  • You have a good knowledge of Quality control of satellite data and products;
  • You have experience with operational product processing environments;
  • You have experience in software build environments and tools (e.g. make, imake, eclipse, insure++);
  • You have a good knowledge of source code control system, (e.g. Subversion or CVS).


Preference will be given to candidates eligible for an EU or national personal security clearance at the level of CONFIDENTIAL or above.

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