Scientific User Toolbox Support

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Friday, February 22, 2019
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In this role you will have the opportunity to support ESA in testing and evaluation activities of user toolboxes and embedded algorithmic software and processing chain implementations developed by third party developers.

The candidate will especially utilise data from any of the following EO sensors/missions: ASAR, MERIS, (A)ATSR, RA2, GOME, GOMOS, MIPAS, SCIAMACHY, Odin, ACE, OMI, SAR Polarimetry (ALOS2,Radarsat2,TerrasarX), future BIOMASS SAR (PolinSAR,TomoSAR) Sentinel 1,2,3 series (SAR TOPS -Wave, SAR Altimeter, OLCI, SLSTR, MSI) and the Explorers, i.e. GOCE, SMOS, CRYOSAT2, SWARM, ADM-Aeolus, EARTHCARE, FLEX,BIOMASS

Tasks and Activities

The scope of work will include:

  • On-site testing and evaluation of ESA user toolboxes and documentation (e.g.SNAP, SMOS-BOX, BEAT, BRAT, GUT, POLSARPRO, Sentinel-1, -2, -3 -5P Toolboxes) delivered to the Agency by third parties (including functional testing, I/O testing, throughput testing, performance testing, product verification and user interface testing)
  • Installation and evaluation of ESA toolboxes on cloud computing infrastructures
  • Definition of SW test plans for testing the scientific processors embedded in the Toolboxes
  • Definition, generation and documentation of test-data sets produced in-house
  • Verification of test data sets provided by third parties
  • Generating sample test output products to validate the scientific processors
  • Developing ad-hoc test harness and testing tools for comparison of test outputs with reference data-sets and products
  • Compiling problem reports and software modification requests
  • Support the definition & prototyping of ESA toolbox extensions and scientific processors
  • Support to implementation of training course practicals using ESA or third party toolboxes
Skills and Experience

he following skills and experience are mandatory:

  • The candidate should possess a degree in a relevant technical field such as Physics, Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, Geography, Geosciences, Meteorology.
  • Ideally a higher-level degree qualification (such as MSc or PhD) in relevant fields of SAR processing, signal and image processing, optical remote sensing, Radar Altimetry, oceanography, hydrology, cryospheric science, geodesy
  • The candidate should have at least 5 years of experience in a directly relevant industrial or research environment.
  • Experience in software engineering with emphasis on prototyping, testing and validation of ESA user toolboxes and EO scientific data processors
  • Knowledge of C, C++, Java or Python under Windows, UNIX/LINUX, and MAC OS
  • Knowledge of IDL, PCI, Matlab, SW & GIS tools (e.g. Envi, ERDAS, ArcGIS, Arcinfo)
  • Knowledge of cloud computing infrastructures and services
  • Good knowledge of web-based geo-data I/O, analysis and processing services such as WMS, WPS, WCS and WFS as well as OPeNDAP servers
  • Good knowledge of EO products, formats and analysis tools
  • Knowledge of state-of-the art software testing methods and tools
  • Proactive approach to problem identification and resolution
  • Be able to work both autonomously
  • Be bale to work with multi-national team
  • Have a positive attitude to international cooperation.

Preference will be given to candidates eligible for an EU or national personal security clearance at the level of CONFIDENTIAL or above.

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10 MB limit.
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