System Operations Engineer

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You will have the opportunity to provide consultancy for the mission performance of the current Ground Segments as well as their evolution.  

Tasks and Activities
  • Definition, configuration and maintenance of end-to-end monitoring and reporting systems;

  • Definition and maintenance of system operations procedures, including system and ground segment procedures and operations guides;

  • Liaison with the spacecraft operations team to ensure the continuity and optimisation of spacecraft monitoring and control activities;

  • Liaison with the ground segment facility operations teams and system operations analysts to ensure the continuity and optimisation of ground segment and mission operations (through procedure and operations guide updates, configuration changes, database or user interface changes etc.);

  • Support to the definition of Operations Service Specifications;

  • Interface with the systems maintenance teams and industry representatives to ensure optimised performance, including participating in the definition and implementation of any changes to the mission performance systems;

  • Provision of support to operational ground segment analyses;

  • Provision of stand-by/on-call support as system operations engineer, on an “as needed” basis. This will be coordinated through the normal on-call process;

  • Provision of support, as required, to critical operations;

  • Processing of mission performance related system anomalies, their documentation, investigation, classification and resolution/mitigation, including participation in Anomaly Review Boards;

  • Participation in technical meetings, formal reviews, and scheduling and planning meetings;

  • Processing of system modifications, including their documentation, approval, and implementation, including participation in Change Review Boards;

  • Support to, and participation in, the functional verification and operational validation of mission performance system upgrades and evolutions, both standalone and in the context of an overall ground segment;

  • Liaison with various department and divisions (CM, QA, Management, Product Experts, User Services);

  • Provision of training, through written materials, practical demonstrations and presentations, to other members of the Operations Team.

Skills and Experience

The following skills and experience are mandatory:

  • You have an university degree (or equivalent) in a relevant technical discipline.

  • You have at least three years experience of end-to-end operations preparation and routine system operations of Geostationary (‘GEO’) and Low Earth Orbit (‘LEO’) satellite systems in a real-time spacecraft operations environment.

  • You have at least three years work experience in the operation and configuration of end-to-end monitoring and reporting systems for (Earth Observation) data processing ground segments.

  • You have at least three years experience in the definition, development, integration and verification & validation of ground segment and mission data monitoring systems.

  • You are fluent in English.

The following skills would be highly desirable:

  • You have experience of procurement phases for new programmes.;

  • You have experience of configuration and monitoring using NAGIOS/OP5;

  • You have experience of software and system testing;

  • You have experience with the definition and analysis of operational user requirements;

  • You have experience of using configuration management systems;

  • You have familiar with Windows & Unix / Linux operating systems;

  • You have familiar with Web server administration;

  • You have familiar with Shell/HTML/PHP Scripting and XML;

  • You have familiar with Database Management and SQL;

  • You have familiar with Integrated Development Environments such as Eclipse.


Preference will be given to candidates eligible for an EU or national personal security clearance at the level of SECRET or above.

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