Posted 2 November 2020 in News.
  • Christine Leurquin joins RHEA Group as part of a strategic group created to increase RHEA’s collaboration with, and in support of, European institutions
  • Christine brings 35 years’ experience in space and satellite telecommunications industry and a wealth of expertise in institutional, political and regulatory matters, especially associated with the European Commission

RHEA Group, a privately owned engineering and solutions company, announced the appointment of Christine Leurquin, who joins today as Senior Advisor European Institutions. Christine brings a wealth of expertise in European regulatory matters as well as in institutional lobbying and strategic collaborations.

Over the last decade, RHEA has significantly increased its employee and revenue base, and is now a leading company in space, system engineering and cyber solutions and services. Christine joins RHEA to execute its strategy in working with international institutions, leveraging the company’s renowned competencies. She will focus on heightening RHEA’s visibility, ensuring the company’s innovation and quality of services remain in line with institutional markets’ expectations and strengthening RHEA’s positioning within flagship European programmes.

Christine previously worked at SES S.A. in Luxembourg as Vice-President for Government and Institutional Relations, working with the European Union, African Union and other international institutions. Christine has a proven track record in effective advocacy in European public policy strategies, including EU Space Strategy, Governmental satellite communications programmes and EU political and legislative issues.

RHEA Group Christine Leurquin“We are extremely delighted to have Christine on board. She brings a variety of experience and knowledge in both institutional and industry lobbying. To support RHEA’s continued growth, we’re looking at new ways to serve the institutions with integrated services in line with their expectations. Christine’s deep understanding of highly regulated sectors will be of great help to pursue that goal.” – André Sincennes, Managing Director of RHEA Group

One of Christine’s career successes was being instrumental in convincing Burkina Faso CENI to use satellite connectivity during the 2015 and 2018 elections, which brought visibility and transparency to the democratic process of the elections, but more importantly allowed a safe and rapid gathering and declaration of results. Prior to working at SES S.A., Christine was CEO of SAIT-Videohouse, a highly successful company she founded to introduce new satellite services in Belgium.

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