Posted 2 March 2021 in Brochures & Factsheets.

CITEF – Cyber Integration, Test and Evaluation Framework

Next Generation Cyber-Range Services

An interactive emulation of your local network, systems, tools and applications.

RHEA Group’s Cyber Integration, Test and Evaluation Framework (CITEF™) provides an interactive emulation of an organization’s local network, system, tools and applications. Its highly accurate representation of both information and operational technology assets powers RHEA’s Next Generation Cyber-Range Services, which are used across industry and within critical infrastructure organizations for cybersecurity testing, planning and training.

CITEF has been designed with both flexibility and simplicity in mind. The advanced platform significantly reduces the complexity of building a realistic, safe and legal emulation environment, allowing domain experts from different industries to focus on their main objectives and rely on CITEF to support their work.

RHEA Group CITEF brochure in English - cover

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