Tailored Cloud Solutions that Evolve with Your Organization

We provide CERN and other EU research institutions the first European hybrid cloud platform for scientific research and innovation.


This is our first step to respond to the increasing EU research institutions need for computing resources and for easier access to data-driven science, simulation, modelling and statistical analysis in areas from high-energy physics, bio-informatics, climate change to life sciences, art and linguistics.

Benefit from Personalized Cloud Solutions

We provide tailored cloud solutions that evolve with your organization while automating and optimising the deployment and management of your cloud services.

NuvlaBox is a portable private cloud that simplifies the nuances of high-maintenance cloud systems. SlipStream is a multi-cloud application management platform that helps you integrate your cloud infrastructure. Nuvla offers cloud brokerage. Nuvla’s cloud neutrality means it isolates users from vendor lock-in, providing unprecedented flexibility in your choice of cloud solutions.


Multi-cloud Technology for Earth Observation Data

SlipStream is supporting a multi-cloud earth observation data processing platform offering a data discovery service to find and select earth observation scenes. The platform uses a metadata catalogue currently tracking nine satellites including Landsat-8, Sentinel-1 and -2, and currently able to hold up to 10 million of scenes.

Earth observation data

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