Posted 12 August 2020 in Brochures & Factsheets.

Concurrent design and engineering services

Connect your teams and streamline processes to engineer the future

Complex design and engineering projects involving multidisciplinary teams can be complicated to organize and manage. Concurrent design and engineering streamlines the entire process, speeding up projects and cutting costs. Additionally, concurrent design provides management with a comprehensive and accurate overview of any complex system or product. The outcomes support decision-making processes and reduce the overall risk of projects from the start.

Our concurrent design services include setup, training, hands-on support and audits. And our unique, standards-based, open source CDP4® software allows teams to interact and share engineering data in near real time – industry compliant, yet flexible and accessible. For complex systems, concurrent design can reduce the design time by a factor of four and the cost by a factor of two.

RHEA Concurrent Design and Engineering Services brochure front cover

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