Posted 17 March 2020 in News.
As an international company operating across two continents, RHEA Group has been monitoring the changing environment around the COVID-19 virus for many weeks, and continues to do so as the pandemic spreads and national governments respond and take precautionary actions. During this period, we have been carefully assessing our options as a company, with the health, safety and security of our staff foremost in our minds.

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During this pandemic, when the world is different to the norm, RHEA Group is still actively recruiting with new employment opportunities to fill across the Group each week.

RHEA Group Collaborates on global COVID-19 initiatives, 04/05/2020

As Covid-19 lockdowns continue globally and governments formulate recovery plans, RHEA Group is playing an active part in a range of pandemic-related initiatives in Canada and Europe. The projects are drawing on our expertise in space, security and artificial intelligence, and have required our teams to respond quickly to gather, interpret and share data.

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RHEA Group volunteers helping first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic, 15/04/2020

Organizations involved in critical first responder activities during the COVID-19 pandemic are suffering a massive increase in targeted cyberattacks. In response, cybersecurity experts from across Canada, including RHEA staff, have formed a volunteer team to help Canadian first responder organizations protect themselves and deal with any cyber incidents.

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We will get through this together

RHEA Group is following the guidance issued by the governments of the countries in which we do business, which means that more of our work will be carried out remotely. However, we are committed to doing all we can to continue normal operations and minimise any impact both on our business and on the businesses of our clients and collaborators in all countries.

Below is the company statement we have issued today to all of our staff, which we wanted to share with you. In the meantime, please do contact us with any concerns or queries you may have.


Message from our Managing Director – 17/03/2020

Over the last few weeks, we have all been taking in the global news about COVID-19 and trying to assess how it will affect us and our family and friends. The constantly changing environment around the coronavirus is understandably leaving many people very concerned and uncertain about the future.

On behalf of the RHEA Group management team, I want to let you know that we recognise and sympathise with these concerns. This is unknown territory for all of us, but ensuring the safety and health of our people is always at the centre of every decision we make.

During the pandemic, our company across the globe aims to provide the same high standard of service to our clients. I assure you that I very much value everyone’s contributions to this end. However, as I have been stating throughout the years, our colleagues come first, so we have put into place a range of measures to enable everyone to continue with their work as far as possible, including full IT support to enable people to work from home. Those measures are designed to protect you and to limit the spread of the virus.

Beyond this, during these challenging times, we as a company need to have heightened awareness of each other’s needs, showing solidarity and being considerate and supportive. Some of you are now having to work with your children at home or may have other family considerations. It is also recognised that some tasks can be more challenging when performed outside of the office environment. Even the isolation from your colleagues can prove really difficult for some of you.

As a result, I encourage you all to not only stay in touch with each other and explore new ways to collaborate, but also to offer each other support and be flexible, reflecting our company values. Please also follow all the measures and guidelines being put into place by the government of the country you are living in. And please do contact your line manager or HR if there is anything you need.

Working daily in close collaboration with HR management and our overall management team at RHEA Group I will continue to support all required actions and measures to minimize disruption over the coming weeks and stay in touch at all times.

I am very proud of the solidarity among our global team that transcends national borders. Stay safe and take care of yourselves and your families.

Warm Regards,

André Sincennes