Consuelo from RHEA Group

Consuelo – Cybersecurity and Privacy Analyst

Consuelo is a RHEA Cybersecurity and Privacy Analyst based in Frascati, Italy, who works on risk assessment projects for the space sector and Horizon 2020 projects.

When did you join RHEA and what is your role?

I have worked at RHEA since 5 March 2018. For me that is an important date to remember and celebrate like an anniversary.

For my first year I was based in Milan, working in AON on behalf of RHEA, but since 2019 I have been based in Frascati working directly for RHEA Security Services. Now I apply my knowledge of cybersecurity in risk assessment projects for the space sector and in Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Actions projects.

What made you choose a career in security?

At high school I was focussing on languages, but my professor suggested I look instead at courses that exploited my analytical skills. Then, while doing my first degree, I was looking for a career that combined logic, creativity and having an impact on everyday life. A course in my final year led me to become fascinated by cybersecurity and risk, which is universal to every industry.

My favourite things about my job are the continuous learning and a great work-life balance. These keep me motivated and engaged.

What makes you want to get up for work each morning?

The feeling that people are counting on me because it is only me following certain activities.

Secondly, the innovation required for the European projects of which I am the task leader. For these, I need to create cybersecurity or internal audit solutions based on my imagination, competence and continuous learning.

Also, I work with a team composed of people of all ages and from different EU countries, and I like the challenge of using my soft skills to lead them.

How do you make a difference to the success of the company?

I am the only person with certain competences relating to privacy and I am learning new topics fast that have to be studied from scratch. I am also improving my French, hoping I can use that to collaborate with my French, Belgian and Canadian colleagues.

Have you faced any challenges in what some think is a male-dominated industry?

I haven’t found being a female a problem – instead it was my age. I perceived that people doubted my abilities because I was young. However, at RHEA it was different as they saw this as potential to grow.

When I arrived at RHEA, my self-esteem was quite low, but my colleagues and manager supported me, making me feel more confident and comfortable to express myself, which encourages me to give my best to the company.

My impression is that it is less of an issue to be a woman in a multicultural organization operating in a European context, like RHEA. But it is important to look for a company that will allow you to bloom.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a very eclectic personality! I love to stay home with my three pets and to do drawing, but also to have time for fitness and rollerblading. I love foreign languages: Spanish is my mother tongue, then when I finish my French certificate, I would like to learn Portuguese.

Last but not least, I really love travelling often and alone, taking photographs.

Tell us something unusual about yourself?

I have a personal FaceBook page about self-development ( and am writing a semi-autobiographical book on the subject. I have taken a certificate in coaching and mentoring because I would like to give free coaching to young people who are struggling like I once did – I believe that only by living according to your true identity can you have a meaningful life.