Posted 8 June 2022 in Security, Whitepapers and reports.

An Overview of Cybersecurity Considerations and Vulnerabilities in Critical Infrastructure Systems and Potential Automated Mitigation

Our society is now extensively dependent on critical infrastructure, and therefore exposed to any vulnerabilities that may occur in the wide array of technologies supporting and enabling critical infrastructure systems. However, executive leadership in government, military and industry are faced with many difficult challenges when trying to understand the complex interaction of public and government security policies, key cybersecurity trends and technology vulnerabilities.

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About this paper

This paper:

  • Identifies public policy issues related to the threat environment
  • Provides a comprehensive description of the various cyber vulnerabilities and risks arising from a broad range of technologies supporting critical infrastructure
  • Highlights key requirements and design principles desired from the next generation of automated defence capabilities.

It also provides a unique review of important aspects related to these separate but interrelated subject areas, and provides greater context, background and clarity for senior decision-makers responsible for shaping development agendas for their organizations.

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Brigadier General (Retired) Roberto Mazzolin, Chief Technology Strategist, RHEA Group
Dr Asad Madni, Samueli School of Engineering, UCLA, Los Angeles, California, USA


Paper first published by Journal of Engineering Research and Sciences (JENRS)

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