Posted 16 March 2018 in DFMS, Earth Observation, News.
The Drought and Flood Mitigation Service (DFMS) uses improved climate modelling to support drought and flood mitigation in Uganda. The team released the first test version this week during a workshop in Kampala, Uganda.

Scheduled for launch in December 2019, DFMS will provide farmers and decision-makers with high quality and easily understandable forecasts, enabling them to respond to weather events more effectively.

Last year the DFMS team worked with Ugandan organisations to support them with specialist skills and technology. Now the DFMS Platform will build conversations with different potential users through several development phases to ensure that it can be tailored for Uganda and beyond,” said Paul Healy, Senior Project Manager.  

From meeting with and talking to national and rural groups, the DFMS team have identified several common interests for DFMS, including improved information about the onset of rainy seasons, the location of flood risk areas, soil moisture status, cropland information, and timely delivery of seasonal forecasts.

The DFMS project is part of the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme (IPP), a 5-year £152 million programme designed to partner UK space expertise with governments and organisations in emerging and developing economies around the world. RHEA Group is leading a consortium of UK companies including Environment Systems, Pixalytics, Databasix, AA International, AgriTechTalk International, HR Wallingford, UK Met Office, Mercy Corps, and Oxford Policy Management. The consortium will work together with international partners, including the Uganda Government Ministries and Kakira Sugar Company to ensure the success of the project.

DFMS Workshop presentation in March 2018
DFMS Workshop March 2018
DFMS Workshop Uganda March 2018