Posted 22 March 2018 in Earth Observation, News.
The Data for Development Festival is taking place in Bristol, UK and it is inviting scientists and organizations to present the opportunities of Earth observation data to support the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Governments, industry, and scientists have recognized the capacity of Earth observation data to address critical challenges such as climate change, food security, agricultural practices, and water availability. Numerous initiatives around the globe are currently working toward improving the accessibility, quality, applicability, and reliability of data to support the implementation and monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

From March 21-23, the Data for Development festival gathers over 350 delegates from some of these initiatives for three days of collaboration with the partners of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Data network.

Follow the livestream of the conference

Data for Development Festival Conference

Simon Reid, RHEA Group’s Chief Technological Officer, introducing the Drought and Flood Mitigation Service project during the Earth Observation for the Sustainable Development Goals session. Credit: Jamie Williams.

The Data for Development Festival kicked off on March 21 with a plenary session addressing the usefulness of Earth observation through country-level examples, and new initiatives and solutions, as well as personal data privacy concerns.

The second day focused on how data is being used to drive grassroots advocacy and social change. The session showcased examples of where countries and other actors have already made meaningful progress on data disaggregation, and how this has impacted policy and development outcomes for those at risk of being left behind.

The conference continues tomorrow with a session addressing the re-emergence of artificial intelligence as a tool within the development sector for developing services, making better decisions, and improving lives. You can check out the agenda here and follow the event livestream here.