11 March, 2021

Pascal Rogiest, RHEA Group’s Chief European Institute Officer, and Managing Director of RHEA System Luxembourg S.A., is presenting at CanCham Belux’s first digital event, taking place on Thursday 11 March, 2021.

The event focuses on ‘shared perspectives on building the cybersecurity-first business culture’, including 5 ‘to-do’s’ for cybersecurity in 2021. These include; situational awareness, incident management, securing, cyber resilience and digital trust. The international panellists will give an insight into how important it is to be proactive by a coherent and integrative approach to securing your company/organization.

Other panellist include senior personnel from organizations such as, Cyber NB Association (Canada), CGI (Belgium) In-Sec-M (Canada) and SecurityMadeIn.lu.

To find out more or to register for the event, please visit: https://canchambelux.org/11-03-2021-digital-event-on-cybersecurity/

CanCham Belux (Chamber of Commerce Canada-Belgium-Luxembourg) has a long term mission for the promotion and development of the economic relationship between the three countries, and the development of a professional network of various economic operators active in the international market.



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