29-30 September, 2021

RHEA Group is presenting two papers at ESA’s two-day virtual workshop on Model Based Space Systems and Software Engineering. The workshop will provide a forum to exchange practical experiences, lessons learned and novel way forward ideas from applications of model-based techniques in the area of Space System and Software Architecting and Engineering.

The papers being presented by RHEA are:

ECSS Requirements Management System
Authors: N. Salor Moral & A. Vorobiev (RHEA Group), H.P. de Koning (DEKonsult)

Digital Engineering Hub Pathfinder
Authors: A. Vorobiev & N. Smiechowski (RHEA Group Netherlands), S. Gerené (RHEA Group Belgium), S. Jahnke & J. Knippschild (OHB System AG), S. Weikert & M. Becker (Astos Solutions), S. Paquay, J-P. H. Vogt & I. Fontaine (Open Engineering)

For further information about MBSE 2021, please visit https://indico.esa.int/event/386/overview.

Register for this event by 22 September 2021.

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