11-15 October, 2021

RHEA will be contributing to the European Space Agency’s first ever Space2Connect conference (11-14 October 2021). The virtual event will explore and discuss emerging space-based solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s digital economy. Giving an outline across the whole satcom upstream and downstream business value chain, Space2Connect aims to foster partnerships and inspire new strategies for technology development and market growth.

During the conference, RHEA Chief European Institutions Officer, Pascal Rogiest will be a keynote panelist for the round table session: ‘Resilient Connectivity for European Citizens’ on 11 October, from 15:30-16:20. Additionally, RHEA Security Services Deputy Business Unit Manager, Matteo Merialdo, will presenting the outcome of ARTES activity with title ‘Cyber Security Centre of Excellence (CSCE) (ARTES CG 6-.025)’. The date and time are to be confirmed.

For more information, visit https://www.space2connect21.esa.int

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