Integrating Concurrent Design to Speed Up Processes at DMO


The Defence Materiel Organization (DMO), a branch of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence, has signed a contract with RHEA Group and SBR Consult to support the implementation of the Concurrent Design Facility (CDF) method. The purpose of this contract is to accelerate design and to expedite decision-making processes.

The RHEA Group-lead consortium has been selected due to their extensive practical experience in working with and guiding organizations in the implementation of Concurrent Design. In the upcoming years, the consortium will train and guide DMO in early-phase concurrent design thinking.

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What is Concurrent Design ?

Concurrent Design is an integral method of collaboration by which multi-disciplinary stakeholders simultaneously contribute to the realization of a complex design assignment. This method not only leads to an acceleration in the design process, but also to an improvement of the end product quality, a reduction in costs and increased customer satisfaction. 

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