Lunch Lecture Series: Blockchain in Space


Friday, 21 September

12:00 PM CET 

Get the full picture on blockchain

Blockchain, the technology behind the Bitcoin, is praised by many as the next big thing. The technology promises to bring a full new set of opportunities not only with relation to the financial sector, but also for government, space, health, insurance, energy, Internet of Things (IoT), among others.

We’ve all heard about it – but what is exactly blockchain and what are the applications for the space industry? In this edition of the RHEA Group Lunch Lecture Series, you will get the full picture on blockchain. You will learn about the main concepts, examples, current and future trends, with a special focus on the potential of the technology for the space industry.

Get the full picture on blockchain and its applications to the space industry.
Matteo Merialdo

The presenter

Matteo Merialdo is an experienced software architect and project manager with over 15 years of experience in software architecture, engineering and development. He specializes in cyber security and model-based system engineering. He currently manages the technical development of the European Space Agency Cyber Security Centre of Excellence in Redu, Belgium.