Posted 7 October 2020 in News.
  • RHEA Group’s new MOIS Next Generation (NG) enhances the preparation and management of operational procedures by spacecraft manufacturers and mission operators, supporting the optimization of spacecraft validation and mission preparation and operations.
  • Development of the latest MOIS (Manufacturing and Operations Information System) suite of tools adds multiple new key benefits including support of future European ground segment systems infrastructure (EGS-CC)

7 October 2020 – RHEA Group recently announced the launch of MOIS-NG, the next generation of the powerful MOIS toolset used by satellite manufacturers and operators for supporting mission operations, spacecraft validation and planning activities.

Over the past 20 years, MOIS has been used by spacecraft manufacturers and operators in over 100 missions, ranging from CubeSats to Earth observation and communications satellites to multi-satellite constellations and complex science missions.

The MOIS toolset allows multiple users to create, edit, validate, configure, control and publish procedures for mission testing and operations. It supports both manually executed and automated procedures, providing a powerful system to drive a spacecraft’s test or control system. It also allows procedures to be exported for remote execution, enabling those procedures to be written once and then used multiple times in various contexts and execution environments.

New benefits of MOIS-NG

The launch of MOIS-NG delivers enhanced support for future ground segment activities, including support for European Ground Systems Common Core (EGS-CC), which will be used for forthcoming ESA missions, and provides an ideal tool for teams to transition from ESA’s existing ground segment mission control software SCOS to EGS-CC.

MOIS is now multiplatform, running in both Windows 10 and Linux, and offers a fully-featured desktop editor as well as a web-based editor. It has a harmonised framework (look and feel, contextual actions, user-friendliness) and provides access to both offline preparation and online procedure execution and debugging environments with a higher level of integration with current mission control and ground support systems. It has a new procedure editor with synchronized script and flowchart procedure views, while maintaining backwards compatibility with MOIS 6 and 7 procedures.

For more information, see the MOIS-NG factsheet.

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Main image: Galileo, Europe’s global navigation system, uses MOIS. © ESA–P. Carril