CDP4™ Now Open Source

The Concurrent Design and Engineering platform, CDP4™, has become available to the open-source community today. CDP4™ enables multidisciplinary engineering teams to collaboratively design and parametrize a complex system, verify requirements, execute calculations and analysis, and validate models in real time.

When developing a complex system or product, multidisciplinary teams are involved in the full cycle - from conceptual design through test and evaluation, whether it is a mission to Mars or a luxury yacht. Traditionally, teams worked sequentially, passing the design from engineer to engineer, but this approach is no longer efficient in such an interconnected environment.

“Teams can save a lot of time and money by working together in the same engineering model. With CDP4™, teams can interact and share data in real time using only one platform. They can also get access to a complete data set at any given moment and keep track of all the changes made on the model by the different team members,” said Sam Gerene, RHEA Group’s System Engineer and technical lead of CDP4™.

The CDP4™ Community Edition was officially released today during the Space Engineering and Technology Final Presentation Days at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. “The CDP4™ Community Edition is a step further in our commitment to provide a better product to our customers and increase the engagement with the engineering community,” said Gerene.

CDP4 presentation

CDP4™: What’s new?

CDP4™ is compliant with ECSS-E-TM-10-25 Annex A and Annex C, and includes new features including Excel integration, Python scripting, a reference data library to see the impact of design changes in real time, custom C# built-in rules to check the validity of engineering models, and full revision history among other applications. The software is also available on an Enterprise Edition with additional features including a web application with LDAP authentication, and a plugin manager.


Download CDP4™ Community Edition

The CDP4 Community Edition can be downloaded here and will also become available soon via Github. You can follow the latest developments of the CDP4 Community Edition here.


Launching CDP4™ Community Edition: the next generation of concurrent design platforms open for all.