RHEA Group has recently joined forces with Competitive Insights Inc. (CI). an Ottawa headquartered Canadian professional security management-consulting firm.

A solid 19-year track record makes Competitive Insights Inc. one of the most trusted providers in the industry. The company offers security consulting services specializing in helping organizations develop, manage and improve security, risk and business continuity aspects of their corporate security program.

Competitive Insights Inc. works in close collaboration with a wide variety of Canadian federal and provincial governments as well as private sector clients. Since October 2006, Competitive Insights Inc. has provided threat and risk assessments for government-managed buildings in the Canadian National Capital area on a Standing Offer basis with Public Services and Procurement Canada.

“We are very excited to be a part of the RHEA Group and for the opportunity to offer our clients a full suite of engineering solutions, system development and security services. Our commitment to our clients has always been to make them ‘Security Smart’ and with RHEA we have upped the ante.”
Tony Paterson, Competitive Insights’ President.

“We are extremely proud to welcome Tony Paterson and Competitive Insights to the RHEA Group. For nearly twenty years, Competitive Insights has been providing quality services to numerous Canadian government and private institutions. CI has gained the highest respect of its clients and of many senior government security officials and has a reputation for consistently producing and delivering quality products and services. CI’s threat, risk, and emergency management services complement and enhance RHEA Group’s existing Cyber Security, Information Technology Security, and Professional Security and Engineering services offering worldwide.” said Gerry Deneault, RHEA Inc. Vice President Business Development.

Competitive Insights Inc. is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.