Concurrent Design at TU Dresden

As the engineering industry is shifting towards a concurrent design approach, the TU Dresden University in Germany organized a three-day training on concurrent design and the Concurrent Design Platform CDP on 26-28 January.

Concurrent design experts Sam Gerene, RHEA Group’s System Engineer, and Martin Fijneman, RHEA Group’s Project Engineer, led the training and explained the benefits of concurrent design to the 25 participants.

During the training, the university students simulated the design of a lunar in-situ instrument using a concurrent design approach. They were split into different groups representing the different domains of expertise involved, including system engineering, cost engineering, data handling, power, thermal, and communication. Together they analyzed the design requirements, identified the different solutions available and came up with two design iterations on their preferred solution.

“It was great to see how the students embraced the methodology and went from a first iteration in which we had bespoke subsystem designs to integrated systems by the end of the second iteration.”
Sam Gerene
RHEA Group's Senior System Engineer

The use of CDP during the training allowed the students to share engineering data within different domains of expertise in real time and facilitated the exchange of information. Moreover, the concurrent design synthesis dashboard supported the students to compare the two design options suggested by the different teams.

CDP facilitates information exchange, allowing the team to come up with the design of a complex system in a collaborative way. Since the engineering information is accessible for the whole team in near real time, it also triggers questions about the design and helps the decision making process. Additionally, it facilitates the creation of concurrent design processes, with all the team gathered in the same room and a team leader orchestrating the process and managing the work.


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