ESA’s 3rd International Security Symposium – Day two

The 3rd ESA International Security Symposium continued on February 14 at ESA’s Centre for Earth Observation (ESRIN).

Focusing on the measures and policies that public and private organizations are putting into practice to secure Big Data, the second day featured speakers from ENISA, Airbus DS, Microsoft, and the European Union Satellite Center, among other institutions.

Dott. Catalina Curceanu, from the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics, opened the morning session presenting the role of Big Data in quantum physics research. Ms. Curcenau explained the policies being implementing at the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics to analyses and store the great amount of Big Data required to carry out their research practice.


Dott. Catalina Curceanu

Policies and standardization of Big Data

Openness and collaboration are essential in the detection and prevention of security breaches. The second session explored how and to which extent can institutions establish common policies and regulations to protect Big Data.

Fabio Guasconi, from the Italian Standardization Body (UNINFO), presented the most relevant Big Data related standardization initiatives and policies and pointed out the need for developing new policies to meet the challenges of securing Big Data. “We need to keep our security policies applicable to new technologies such as Big Data. There are policies already in place that can be used here, but they need to be adapted to ensure the highest security level,” said Mr. Guasconi.

Cyber intelligence is the next big step ahead in information security.
Julio Vivero
GMV's Manager

The role of security monitoring tools

Having the right monitoring solution for is key for managing and processing data within acceptable service indicators. Representatives from Airbus Defence and Space, Microsoft, and GMV among other organizations presented their approach to information technology systems security. In this area, some monitoring tools are implemented and operated to assist operators in detecting anomalies. These tools can provide visibility of events and filter incidents, thus allowing an immediate reaction to security threats. However, monitoring tools are not enough. The human factor is still one of the biggest concerns for security specialists. Julio Vivero stressed the need for collaboration and information sharing to prevent security incidents. “Cyber intelligence is the next big step ahead in information security,” said Mr. Vivero.

Stefano Zatti, Head of ESA Security Office, wrapped up the two-day symposium highlighting the need for rethinking the current Big Data policies. Mr. Zatti addressed the growing concern for data privacy amongst both public and private organizations and emphasized the important role of collaboration in this area.

If you would like to revisit the symposium, the recordings are available here.

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