First cyber-range project for space systems and operations at ESAW 2017

The European Ground System Architecture Workshop (ESAW) provides an international forum for professionals to exchange ideas and best practices about the area of ground system architecture for space missions. The European Space Agency (ESA)’s Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany, will host the 6th edition of the conference on June 20–21, 2017.

Douglas Wiemer, RHEA Group's Director, Cybersecurity, will present the first cyber-range project for protecting space operations and control systems. The European Space Agency (ESA)’s cyber-range will be used to emulate ESA mission systems and operations in order to raise awareness of the cybersecurity threats to space assets and equip spacecraft operators and other technical staff to recognize and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

The project is currently being implemented at the European Space Agency (ESA) training and learning facilities in Redu, Belgium, will deliver the ESA Cyber-Range infrastructure, a cybersecurity training curriculum, and a long-term perspective for the future use of the cyber-range.

The cybersecurity trainings kicked off on 24-25 April, with a hands-on cyber-risk awareness training applied to the full ESA mission operational environment, including mission control systems; ground and satellite simulators; data segments; and operations and development networks.

On April 26-27 the training focused on incident detection and forensics basics. The course provided the students with a basis for incident detection and forensics, giving them an understanding of means and methods to detect and recognize events that may indicate a cyber-attack incident as early on as possible.

The cyber-range training will continue in June with an advanced course on advanced cyber incident management and forensics.


ESAW 2017

More than 40 speakers from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and Jet Propulsion Laboratory; ESA; European national agencies’ telecommunications operators, including Eutelsat, Inmarsat, and SES Astra; and other key security and IT companies will participate in the workshop.

The workshop will focus on collaboration and common solutions by addressing four different areas: architecture, software, security, and automation. Some of the topics that will be covered include model-based engineering, service-oriented architectures, ground systems’ game-changing approaches, cloud computing, data system harmonization, data systems security and information assurance, and automation.

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The final program will be announced in 12 June 2017. You can already register here.


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