Insights from the Next Generation Concurrent Design Project

The Next Generation Concurrent Design and Engineering project, funded by the Belgian delegation to the European Space Agency (ESA), has provided a platform for engineers to interact and share engineering and design data in near real time.

As a result of the project, RHEA Group is now in the development phase of CDP4, a software package that supports and integrates the multidisciplinary team in the implementation and successful completion of complex engineering processes. 

Sam Gerene, RHEA Group Senior System Engineer, presented the results of the next generation project at the European Space Agency (ESA)’s Concurrent Design Facility (CDF) in April. Gerene demonstrated the modelling capabilities of the software for managing system specifications and requirements, as well as for element definitions, element usages and parameters.

“CDP4 implements ECSS-E-TM-10-25 Annex A, Annex B and Annex C. This means that the software is 100% compatible with ESA’s Open Concurrent Design Tool (OCDT), which was one of the project’s main requirements,” said Gerene. However, one of the main advantages of the software has proven to be its potential for streamlining the engineering processes in other industries and space agencies around the world.

"Features such as the product tree and the Python scripting capability were new to ESA and received very positive feedback."
Sam Gerene
Senior System Engineer
RHEA Group

Another main feature of CDP4 is the introduction of a web-based application allowing the team to model online from their internet browsers without having to install a desktop application.  CDP4 will also open the path for implementing the methodology in further phases of the engineering lifecycle, including new features such as requirements engineering, review support, reporting, and graphical modelling.

“Features such as the product tree, which presents a fully expanded diagram of the solution per option, as well as the Python scripting capability, were new to ESA and received very positive feedback,” added Gerene.

The software is now in development and will present its first version at the end of the year. “The fruitful collaboration between RHEA Group and the CDF members led to very positive results. We look forward to seeing the CDP4 deployed to our users very soon,” concluded Gerene.

Try-out CDP4

The CDP4 Beta version is already available for users worldwide. You can download the latest version here. A preview of the web application is also available here.


Unleash your engineering potential

CDP4™ implements ECSS-TM-10-25A and includes new features that will streamline your team collaboration