Operating the Galileo Mission

Galileo is set to deliver unprecedented real-time positioning accuracy, navigation, and timing services to users around the world. With a full deployed system consisting of 24 satellites, operating and controlling the mission is a challenging task that demands a mission operations software capable of creating and automating the different procedures involved in such a complex mission.

The Manufacturing and Operations Information System (MOIS) is contributing to the flight control procedures of Galileo, including exporting automation. The software optimizes the processes involved in mission preparation and operations, from the manufacturing to the monitoring and the control of the spacecraft.

“MOIS ensures that the high-quality requirements of the Galileo mission are met,” says Karim Zidoune, MOIS Engineer. Together with RHEA Group’s MOIS Engineers Daniel Diaz, Rahul Nair and Wolfgang Heinen, Zidoune is responsible for optimizing the software and making sure the flight procedures of the Galileo satellites are running as smoothly as possible so that the operations team can focus on the mission success.

“MOIS ensures that the high-quality requirements of the Galileo mission are met,”
Karim Zidoune
MOIS Engineer.

The team recently released MOIS 5.5.0 for the operations preparation facility of Galileo. The new version was modified to support Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 and Visio Standard 2016, and includes a new tool to automate the operational database preparation and validation process. Other MOIS features were also updated for Galileo, including the sequence export and import, the PLUTO export, and the print procedure in MOIS Publisher.

“These new Galileo extensions will save the team a considerable amount of time and effort, especially in the area of operational database preparation,” added Zidoune. MOIS has contributed to more than 100 space missions, and it is used as a standard by the European Space Agency (ESA) and other national space agencies and major manufacturers.

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