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Webinar | October 27 | 12 pm CEST

How can companies successfully manage and quantify cyber-risk? On our next Lunch Lecture Series you will learn about the method to identify and assess cybersecurity risks, and discover how to manage and quantify cyber-risk with a non-invasive diagnostic system.

Cybersecurity incidents are increasing at an alarming pace, threatening the daily functioning of society and economy, both online and offline. There are many ways a cyber-attack can damage an organization, including intellectual property theft, espionage, data destruction, operational disruption/destruction, customer loss, stock value, and trade name devaluation. 

Beneath the surface, cyber-attacks can have a much more significant impact on organizations and lead to additional costs that are both more difficult to quantify and often hidden from public view. However, the complexity and potential danger of cyber-risk is posing a challenge for companies, who are struggling to mitigate cyber-threats. Today’s cyber-risk assessment method, which is mainly qualitative and not technical enough, is falling short on completely mitigating cyber-threat. The reality is that mitigating cyber-risk requires a deep technical diagnostic, linked to realistic and quantitative business impact analysis.

Starlings Soar® brings a revolutionary approach to the subject. The system allows an automated, full-scale mapping of vulnerabilities and related potential cyber-threats, evaluating and quantifying the relevant impacts on core business processes and eventually identifying the most available mitigation actions.

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In this lunch lecture, Matteo Merialdo, RHEA Group's Project Manager, will present the method to identify and assess cybersecurity risks and will conclude with a short demo of Starlings Soar®.

Matteo Merialdo is an experienced software architect and project manager with over fourteen years of experience in software architecture, engineering and development. He specializes in software integration, using web and open source technologies.

Discover How to Manage Dynamic Cyber-Risk

Webinar | October 27 | 12 pm CEST