RHEA Group Acquires Phirelight Security Solutions Inc. A Canadian Cyber Security Leading Company

Phirelight Security Solutions Inc. joins RHEA Group Global Cyber Security offering.

Protecting and managing critical assets is the foundation of Phirelight, a Canadian company created in 2001 by a team of defense intelligence, cyber security and military experts. The company is the creator of rapidPHIRE, one of the most advanced cyber intelligence platforms to assess and manage cyber threats in real time.

Phirelight empowers enterprises globally to investigate and address their networks behavior and related cyber threats. The rapidPHIRE platform blends threat intelligence detection and large-scale behavioral analytics to deliver a highly usable and accurate cyber-security solution, suitable for all ranges of security expertise.

“The acquisition of Phirelight Security Solutions Inc. enhances RHEA Group strategic lead and innovativeness within the security market. The technology and expertise of Phirelight provide a full suite of solutions that will directly engage with the core elements of the security offering of RHEA Group that is today protecting large enterprises, governments and institutions in Europe and in North America,” said André Sincennes, Managing Director of RHEA Group.

“Our commitment to our clients has always been to make them ‘security smart’, and with RHEA Group we have strategically increased our reach,” said Wayne Teeple, Founder & CEO of Phirelight Security Solutions Inc.

For more information, please visit http://www.phirelight.com/


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