Swiss Watt d'Or Prize goes to Intelligent Lighting System

An intelligent Lighting System using traffic control systems and cloud-based applications to improve energy efficiency and reduce light pollution has received the prestigious Watt d’Or 2018 award for the Energy Technologies Category. The system, devised by Schréder Swiss in partnership with EKZ (Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich), delivers up to 70% energy savings by adapting light intensity according to the volume of traffic.

Intelligent light systems with motion detectors have been around for a few years now. However, previous methods had disadvantages such as turning on and off very too often in busy streets which were disturbing for passersby. A new technical standard for street lighting now reduces luminosity according to traffic flows.  

EKZ, the Canton of Zurich’s electricity company, and street lighting company Schréder Swiss came up with the idea of ​​automatically regulating the light to continuously and progressively adapt it to traffic, which is now possible thanks to the latest technologies in sensors, LEDs and communication protocols.

It was first implemented as a one-year pilot project in Urdorf, Switzerland, with energy savings for the city representing nearly 30%. After only 6 months, the results of the pilot project in Urdorf were so promising that Schréder Swiss started to develop a solution for the market. In partnership with SixSq, the Volumlight™ solution was launched at the end of 2017, with three installations deployed with customers in the canton of Basel, in Switzerland. 

Learn more about it here.