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Now Hiring: Junior Software Developer

Work for a revolutionary UK Space Agency-funded project using satellite data to streamline agriculture practices in Uganda. RHEA Group is currently recruiting a Junior Software Developer to advance the Drought and Flood Mitigation System (DFMS) – an initiative that will provide farmers in Uganda with better weather forecasts and water management data to help them fight the effects of climate change.

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"MOIS ensures that the high-quality requirements of the Galileo mission are met."
Karim Zidoune
RHEA Group's MOIS Engineer

Operating the Galileo Mission

Operating and controlling Galileo is a challenging task that demands a mission operations software capable of creating and automating the different procedures involved in such a complex mission.

MOIS is contributing to the flight control procedures of Galileo, including exporting automation. MOIS engineers Karim Zidoune, Daniel Diaz, Rahul Nair, and Wolfgang Heinen, optimized the software to make sure the fligh procedures of the Galileo satellites are running as smoothly as possilbe so taht the perations team at ESOC can focus on the mission success. 

Galileo control room
“We had the opportunity to visit the farming communities and witness first-hand how the DFMS project has the potential to impact Ugandan farmers’ lives."
Andrea Orler
DFMS Junior Software Developer

The Satellite Technology at the Forefront of Successful Farming in Uganda

The Drought and Flood Mitigation Service (DFMS) provides local prediction, with a parish level detail, ensuring more specific and accurate data. The project uses satellite imaginery that integrates weather and hydrological data to provide local agricultural officers with a wide and comprehensive set of information that is later communicated to the farmers.

Andrea Orler, DFMS Junior Software Developer, recently visited one of the most affected regions by climate change to understand the needs of the farming community. 

Salvatore Pinto
RHEA Group’s Exploitation Platforms Principal System Architect.

Open Earth Observation Exploitation Platforms, The Next Game Changer

Salvatore Pinto, RHEA Group’s Exploitation Platforms Principal System Architect working at the European Space Agency (ESA), is an advocate for open-source software for Earth Observation. He is the principal system architect of ESA’s Thematic Exploitation Platforms, a collaborative, virtual work environment providing open access to Earth Observation data and the tools, processors, and IT resources required to work with them.

Earth Obsrvation
"The data collected by our team at ESA, in collaboration with the European Southern Observatory (ESO), allowed for a much better determination of the trajectory of 2012 TC4 and will be essential for NASA’s campaign."
Marco Micheli
RHEA Group's Astronomer for Observer Support for NEO Observation

Hunting Asteroids

An Astronomer for Observer Support for Near-Earth Object (NEO) Observation, Marco Micheli joined RHEA Group in 2017. He is based at ESA Space Situational Awareness (SSA)-NEO Coordination Centre in Frascati, Italy, where he observes those asteroids and comets that are considered most dangerous for our planet. Micheli has been studying NEOs for over 20 years, and is part of the team that recently discovered a NEO that will fly past Earth in October – this NEO will give the opportunity to test the international ability to track and monitor NEOs in the future.