Posted 12 January 2023 in Concurrent Design, Magazines, News, Security, Space.

OpenSpace 31 – The New Era of Space

We are pleased to announce the launch of OpenSpace 31, the space, security and engineering magazine created by RHEA Group.

This edition features:

  • Sustainable Use of Space – as ever more satellites are launched, including mega-constellations of small satellites, find out how Europe aims to safeguard the long-term use of space and the key role being played by the European External Action Service.
  • How is space being used alongside other technologies in the Smart Cities of today and those planned for the future?
  • France is one of Europe’s leading space nations. What are the challenges and prospects for the French space sector, including its space agency, the National Centre of Space Studies (CNES)?
  • With businesses and nations now dependent on information and operational technology, discover how cybersecurity is evolving to tackle the growth of cyberattacks and cyber terrorism. Experts from the European Cyber Security Organisation explain.
  • Learn how the New Space market is changing the face of the space sector and what is driving the space economy boom.
  • How are satellites in supporting humanitarian aid and why are they so vital?
  • What is digital continuity? And how far are we from this engineering utopia, especially in the space sector?

Cover of RHEA Group's OpenSpace 31 magazine in English

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