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Space Engineering

Flight Segment

Spacecraft Operations

Satellite Electrical and Functional AIT Engineering

System Engineering

Thermal Test Engineering

Thermal Engineering

Structural Engineering

Material Engineering

Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Engineering

Satellite Payload Technologies, Engineering and Performance

Advanced Studies and Technology Preparation of Future Science and Robotic Exploration Mission

Earth Observation Missions System Engineering

Launcher Qualification System Engineering & Quality Management

Commissioning and Post Launch Support

Product Assurance

Quality Assurance

Concurrent Design Engineering

Space Environment & Effects

Human Spaceflight Engineering

Life and Physical Sciences Instrumentation and Life Support


Ground Segment

Payload Data Ground Segment (PDGS) Definition, Integration, Verification and Validation

Payload Data Processing

Ground Software Engineering

EGSE Procurement and Development

Earth Observation Exploitation Platform Engineering

Space Situational Awareness

Science (Astronomy, Astrophysics and Planetary) Ground Segment System Engineering

Science Ground Segment Software Engineering

Science Operations

Instrument and Calibration Scientific Support

Human Spaceflight Engineering

Life and Physical Sciences Instrumentation and Life Support


    Project Support

    Project management

    Project Management Support (Scheduling, Project Controlling)

    Technology R&D Coordination

    Configuration Management


    Education & Communications management

      Administrative and IT

      IT Services

      Business Intelligence

      Administrative Assistance

      Internal Auditing

      Cost Accounting



      Service Engineering - Mission/User Segment Support

      Service Engineering - International/Standards Support

      Programme Control Engineering Support

      Service Operations Engineering Support

      Operations Evolutions Engineering support

      Sites Engineering support

      Support to EGNOS V3 Security requirements and standards


      Service preparation, provision and operations support

      Galileo GDDN (Galileo Data Dissemination Network) support

      Service facilities preparations & technical support

      Ground Segment maintenance support

      System and service engineering support

      Ground segment/GSC engineering support

      Site infrastructure engineering support

      Standardisation support

      Service performance support

      PA, QA, RAMS support

      Support to Galileo Evolutions

      International and SAR Return Link Service support

      Project control support

      Galileo Project control support CADM

      European Commission

      EGNSS Evolution Engineering support

      EGNSS R&D Engineering support

      EGNSS Programme Administrator support

      EGNSS Service Engineering support

      Aviation Engineering support

      Support to service facilities transversal security

      Security support to Galileo deployment activities

      Support to EGNOS V2 and V3 Security requirements and standards


      Threat and Risk Assessment

      Penetration and Social Engineering Testing

      Malware Detection and Analysis

      Intrusion detection and prevention systems

      Identity and access management process management

      Incident Management

      Network Protocols


      Security Protocols.

      Authentication, authorisation and accounting