Posted 15 February 2021 in News, Security.
  • RHEA Inc., part of RHEA Group based in Canada, is working with Ryerson University in a unique collaboration to provide the Catalyst Cyber Range training facility for Canadian industry, government departments and academic partners.
  • The new cyber-range will be hosted within the university’s Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, and will use RHEA’s cybersecurity services and solutions to improve the cybersecurity ecosystem and help organizations be safer and more secure.

RHEA Inc. is working in a unique collaboration with Ryerson University in Canada to create the Catalyst Cyber Range, a state-of-the-art cyber training and testing facility. Headquartered in the university’s national centre for innovation and collaboration in cybersecurity, the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, it will offer services across Canada, improving accessibility to cyber-range facilities and training.

The Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst is a non-profit corporation owned and operated by Ryerson with the aim of solving critical cybersecurity challenges and seizing new opportunities. Using RHEA’s leading cybersecurity solutions, the Catalyst Cyber Range will provide a wide range of applications and services to support the fast-growing cybersecurity industry. It will enable students, experts, researchers and entrepreneurs to conduct training exercises, test products, undertake cybersecurity research and hone their skills against real-world cybersecurity attacks, all in safe, emulated digital twin environments.

Yves Metten, Executive Vice-President at RHEA Inc., said, “RHEA is very excited to be involved in this unique collaboration with Ryerson University. Over the past 10 years, we have created a suite of cybersecurity solutions and services that help organizations combat and protect themselves against cyberattacks. Some of our employees have over 30 years’ experience in working in the cybersecurity domain, which underpins our mission to support societal resilience with trusted and secure engineering innovation. Importantly, we know that a purely academic approach to cybersecurity training is not enough – instead, hands-on training in a cyber-range facility, like the ones we use in Canada and Europe, is vital.

“Cyberattacks happen every day. For every organization – and every individual – it is no longer a matter of if, but when. Cybercriminals are ruthless and cybercrime is now one of the top five risks to any organization. RHEA offers our clients cybersecurity services and solutions that are at the forefront of technology.

“Ryerson chose RHEA as its partner for the Rogers Catalyst Cyber Range for several reasons. Among them were the platform’s flexibility and its technology agnosticism. In addition, having access to existing scenarios, plus the possibility of creating new ones, and the ability to mix IT and operational technology (OT) assets on the same platform with the ‘hardware-in-the-loop’ feature, made CITEF™ the solution of choice.”

RHEA has two cybersecurity training centres in Redu, Belgium, and Gatineau in Montreal that deliver academic and hands-on experience in dealing with cyberattacks. These types of facility enable organizations to accurately replicate their infrastructure and emulate real cyberattack scenarios in a digital twin environment, enabling broader experiential training and development of incident response plans.

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