Posted 16 June 2020 in Astronomy, News, Space.
Logo du Planétarium de Bruxelles

RHEA Group has recently contributed to a crowd funding appeal by the Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium and is pleased to announce that the goal to raise €18,000 has been achieved. The funding will enable the Planetarium to purchase a new full dome show to help provide an understanding of the magic of space and the Universe and hopefully develop and intellectual curiosity and a passion for science amongst young children. 

Thanks to the support of Bank Degroof / Petercam and Promethea, the Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium was able to launch the crowdfunding campaign on 2nd of March, 2020.  

The Planetarium of Belgium normally attracts over 50,000 people through their doors each year (COVID-19 withstanding) enabling children, students and adults alike to understand science, space and the universe.

The ‘Stars in Children’s Eyes’ crowd funding campaign has been supported by individuals and companies, and RHEA Group is delighted to be able to help with this important initiative. Without support the Planetarium would not be able to offer this young audience this adaptive approach to education, with playful aspects allowing children to be swept away with the vastness of the cosmos and beautiful starry skies.

For more information on the crowdfunding campaign please visit 

The Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium
Photo: © Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium