High standards of corporate governance

RHEA Group’s Corporate Governance seeks to balance the interests of our key stakeholders, clients, partners and staff. Adherence to high standards of corporate governance is paramount to the RHEA Board, Strategic Advisors and Management Team and is reflected in the processes and with the policies in which RHEA Group chooses to operate.

Board of Directors

André SincennesLLB

CEO of RHEA Group

Emmanuel Adant

Deputy Managing Director & Chief Corporate Officer

Arne Matthyssen

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer & Vice-President Netherlands

Michel Bosco

Strategic Advisor

Operating Companies

Each RHEA Group operating company is incorporated in its country of operations eg. Belgium (with representations in Spain and France), Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Canada, delivering proximity services to our clients.

The RHEA Group of Companies is managed and operated as a single entity. Global corporate operations from the Belgium headquarters optimise the harmonization of policies and procedures, resources management and recruitment, finance and contract support and staff career development. These translate in greater efficiency and cost savings passed on to our clients.

RHEA Group has a service-centric organizational structure that facilitates the provision and continuous improvement of global services, maximising value to our employees and our clients.

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