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For over 50 years, APS Aviation has been working alongside key industry players in support of aviation research advancement, engineering progress and technology innovation. Through constant evolution and development, we have adapted our expertise to become the world-leading reference in aircraft ground deicing research.

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A multi-disciplinary team

Engineers, project managers and technicians collaborating with industry leaders.

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An industry leader

We are the world leader in aircraft ground deicing research, ensuring safety in aircraft operations worldwide.

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A wealth of experience

Spearheading high profile projects in various aviation disciplines since 1967.

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The outstanding skills of all the APS personnel continue to make a significant contribution to enhance the safety of air carrier winter operations on a global scale.

Charles J Enders, Aviation Safety Inspector, Air Carrier Operations Branch, AFS-220, Flight Standards Service, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Aircraft ground deicing research since 1992

  • Over a quarter of a century cooperating with regulators, global standards organizations, partners and peers in aircraft ground deicing research.
  • The leader in research and testing of de/anti-icing fluids, development of holdover times guidelines and technical and safety evaluations.
  • Methodologies that produce client-valued solutions and expert recommendations that ensure safe winter operations.
  • Over 200 technical reports prepared on behalf of Transport Canada and the Federal Aviation Administration in ground deicing research.

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As the aviation sector is rapidly evolving and producing new forms of technologies, the industry has to ensure all safety measures are taken into accountWe follow this progress carefully and join forces with leading innovators to evaluate and test these technologies.  

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