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RHEA Inc. is RHEA Group’s wholly-owned Canadian operation and specializes in space engineering, cyber and physical security, information technology, systems engineering and software development, and technical support. RHEA Inc. also operates APS Aviation Inc.

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Cybersecurity expertise

Leader in cybersecurity services, including Gatineau security operations centre.

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Physical security consulting

Carefully crafted and individually tailored security solutions.

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Aviation industry leader

Working in support of aviation research advancement, engineering progress and technology innovation.

Our locations

RHEA Inc. has its headquarters in Montréal, Quebec, Canada, and an office in the National Capital Region (NCR) in Gatineau, Quebec. The Gatineau location includes a security operations centre (SOC) to deliver Managed SOC services to our clients worldwide. The SOC is a highly secured, state-of-the-art facility with redundant connections for both power and Internet access, as well as 24/7 physical alarm and video surveillance security measures.

RHEA Group’s Quality and Information Security Management Systems are ISO 9001 QMS and ISO 27001 ISMS certified.

Specialists in security services

Over the years RHEA has grown by expanding its client base and through selective acquisitions.

One of our Canadian acquisitions was Phirelight Security Solutions Inc. (founded in 2001 and acquired by RHEA in 2018). Phirelight’s specialty in cybersecurity, including the development and implementation of security solutions and services to protect and monitor client environments to reduce data breach detection time and provide incident response, is strategic to RHEA’s controlled growth and expansion in Canada and abroad.

As part of its security monitoring operations, the Phirelight operations focus on providing personalized, proactive cyber threat hunting and dedicated security monitoring services. These are now fully incorporated into RHEA’s Managed SOC services.

RHEA Group Security Operations Centre
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In 2019, RHEA finalized the acquisition of TSI Security Inc., a leader in security consulting that was founded in 2008 and grew into one of the largest security consulting practices in Canada. TSI Security was fully integrated into RHEA Inc. in January 2021.

The team of experts who joined RHEA from TSI have a wealth of experience. They carefully craft security solutions, tailored to the needs of each client, to drive system optimization and to increase organizational performance. Specializing in the institutional market, their proven methodology is designed to support each client from inception to implementation.

Our team understands legislation, standards, regulations and best practices, and work tirelessly to ensure that clients can implement solutions effectively.

RHEA Technologies Lab is the cybersecurity branch of RHEA Inc. In addition to providing our cybersecurity solutions and services, this branch is focused on cybersecurity research and development, delivery, training and customer support. The lab also supports our in-house cybersecurity technologies including:

  • CITEF, the Next Generation Cyber-Range solution for training, certification and testing
  • rapidPHIRE, powering our Security Operations Centre for managed security services
  • All the MDR services

RHEA is a collaborative contributor to Canadian cybersecurity ventures

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A founding member of CyberEco, established in September 2018 – the result of the four major organizations (RHEA Group, Mouvement Desjardins, National Bank of Canada and Deloitte) joining forces with the ambition of recognition as the Canadian national multisectoral reference in cybersecurity in Quebec.

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An active contributor to and participant in CyberNB/CIPnet, the only Canadian government-mandated agency to focus on growing its cybersecurity ecosystem.


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An active member in good standing of Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange (CCTX), which was created to build a secure Canada where all organizations, both private and public, collaborate to reduce cybersecurity risks.

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An active member of IN‑SEC‑M, Canada’s cybersecurity industry cluster, a non-profit organization that brings together companies, learning and research institutions, and government actors to take concerted action to increase the cohesion and competitiveness.

Services and solutions

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