Posted 15 March 2019 in News, Security.
RHEA Inc., the Canadian member of RHEA Group, is pleased to announce that it has been placed on the Defence Construction Canada (DCC)’s Source List to supply physical security solutions to DCC, a Canadian Crown corporation.

A range of services will be delivered over a two-year period, including threat & risk assessments, security design briefs and security guidance services.

“Advising clients on securing and protecting their assets is what we do best. Being chosen as a primary service provider reinforces our strategic efforts to expand our physical security offering,” said Yves Metten, Executive Vice-President. “This Canada-wide service offering solidifies our ongoing relationship with government agencies and is a true testament of our unparalleled devotion to our clients.”

RHEA was selected amongst a pool of fifty applicants and is listed as one of three service providers on DCC’s Source List. The Source List allows for extensions of up to three additional one-year periods, beyond the current two-year engagement.

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About RHEA Group

RHEA Group is a world-leading space system engineering and security organization delivering security solutions to large enterprises, governments and institutions in Canada and Europe. RHEA Group’s experts are certified security engineers offering a comprehensive security portfolio built on a ‘security by design’ approach.

Moreover, the company’s comprehensive security services portfolio includes threats and risk assessments, emission security, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, security-by-design analysis and support, network monitoring and scanning, cyber forensics, certification and accreditation, and staff training and augmentation.

RHEA Group was founded over 25 years ago and now operates in ten different countries with over 450 employees worldwide. RHEA Inc. is the Canadian member of the RHEA Group and has offices in Montreal and Ottawa (Canada).