Posted 27 February 2024 in Data, Earth Observation, News.
  • RHEA Systems S.p.A has been awarded the contract for the European Space Agency’s (ESA’s) Network of Resources (NoR) initiative.
  • The project facilitates access to Earth observation (EO) data and processing services by providing a platform to explore public offerings from ESA Member States and apply for ESA sponsorship.

RHEA Systems S.p.A has secured the prime contract for ESA’s Network of Resources (NoR) project, which offers a comprehensive platform for accessing Earth observation (EO) data and processing services. Through NoR, users can explore a range of services provided by ESA Member States and apply for ESA sponsorship to use these resources.

RHEA’s role in the project encompasses the evolution and maintenance of the NoR portal, as well as the management of the sponsorship process provided by ESA through the portal. The NoR portal provides access to data and value-added services, with 25 providers on board. Since its inception 5 years ago, almost 1,000 projects have been sponsored.

Stefano Tatoni, RHEA Operations Director and Vice-President Italy, said: “Our role is to act as a facilitator to the project for both service providers and users, providing a seamless transition from the previous prime contractor and ensuring uninterrupted services for users. Our involvement brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of space-related expertise to the project, setting the stage for continued success and innovation in this initiative.”

NoR providers offer operational resources or platform services for hosting, processing and analyzing EO data on the infrastructure. Providers are selected through a tender process supervised by ESA. A new tender has recently opened as part of this initiative.

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